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Williamsburg Muster 2023
Feb 17-19
Williamsburg, VA

2023 Theme:
Let's Get Medieval!

Old Dominion Military Society Presents . . .

Theme - Let's Get Medieval! Wargaming the Middle Ages

Wargaming the Middle Ages, or the period between 500AD and 1500AD is a very strong part of the overall wargaming community.

Our theme this year is aimed at celebrating the use of Wargaming to study and recreate battles from the Middle Ages. For our purposes, we are thinking of the period between the Fall of Rome (about 500AD) until the advent of the Renaissance (about 1500AD). That is a whole millenium when Europe, and other parts of the world, were defining themselves, and in the process saw a great deal of conflict. All of it is fascinating, and worthy of study through Wargaming.

A theme for our convention doesn't mean that those are the only games you'll see - far from it. But it gives us a time period to think about, and also something for Game Masters to focus on, if they are undecided.

Will we have our usual WW2, Ancients, Civil War (American and English) and other periods well represented? Of course. But take time to look for those Middle Ages games that are being run. They are ALWAYS fun and interesting.