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Williamsburg Muster 2020
Feb 14-16
Williamsburg, VA

2020 Theme:
War at Sea

Old Dominion Military Society Presents . . .

Theme - War at Sea: Wargaming Naval History

Naval Wargaming is a very strong part of the overall wargaming community, and in some ways it has a stronger claim on the history of wargaming than land based games. We don't want to stir up that competition, however, since we love both! (not to mention air and space wargaming).

Here is an excerpt of the text from the Wikipedia article on the topic.

Naval wargaming is a branch of the wider hobby of miniature wargaming. Generally less popular than wargames set on land, naval wargaming nevertheless enjoys a degree of support around the world. Both historical and fantasy rulesets are available.

Of course, the whole article at Wikipedia has good information, but I would also like to direct you to a Great article (with links to rulesets and other information) on the ODMS blog. Enjoy, and we look forward to seeing some great Naval wargames at Williamsburg Muster 2020.
A theme for our convention doesn't mean that those are the only games you'll see - far from it. But it gives us a time period to think about, and also something for Game Masters to focus on, if they are undecided.

Will we have our usual WW2, Ancients, Civil War (American and English) and other periods well represented? Of course. But take time to look for those Middle Ages games that are being run. They are ALWAYS fun and interesting.